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4 questions/statements

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From: Nishitoba, Carol
To:  'why halifax?'
Subject:  4 questions/statements
Date: 1996-02-05 15:09
Priority: 4
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1.  the les amis du sloan comp tape is mentioned in this month's _exclaim_. 
 does this mean that it's (almost) available?

2.  sloan is/are gay.  patrick and chris have/had live s*x on stage.. 
(right, adam?)  teehee :)

3.  i'm jealous of dave bidini (rheostatics) cuz he has an advance copy of 
the local rabbits' full-length, and says it's great.  but he was impressed 
that i knew the album title :)  (could they get sued for using that title?) 
<--note: that's not the title..

4.  are the ecma's televised?  (not like it matters since i don't have a 

thanks :)

               ...sizzle teen (who kinda wanted to see plumtree/broken girl 
on the 18th in cornwall for various reasons...)