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Re: huevos rancheros!!/chixxx

Yes, it's true, and it would be Huevos Brent Cooper apparently things in the
studio are going really well.
Chixdiggit will be in alberta with PUSA march 17, dinwoodie edmonton and
march 18 macEwan hall calgary
and what does this have to do with the East Coast? Well, Chixdiggit are
rumoured to do well there (bootlegs too?!?) and... (shameless promotion)
their Sub Pop 7" is out of Feb, 13, with artwork by Tom Bagley (tomb) of
Forbidden Dimension fame, what more can you want? Oh yeah... a full album in
june? OK. you've got it!

At 13:32 96/02/03 -0400, colin mackenzie wrote:
>I hear one of the huevos is producing the chixxxxdigittt sub pop album