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I-L : Rebecca West, Radioblaster, Kat Rocket at the Ultrasound in Toronto (February 3, 1996)

Venturing downtown on one of the coldest nights of the year is definitely 
no fun but after a 5-10 minute walk from where I parked my friend Dino 
and I made it to the club and settled down for a great night of music. 

This was my second time at the club which I had found to be very subdued. 
First up were Kat Rocket who in my opinion stole the show with great 
distorto melodic pop songs. The female lead singer, looking like a cross 
between Meg Ryan and Drew Barrymore, sung with very nice vocals which 
ranged from sweet and soft to abrasive and loud. The guitarist was very 
creative and could easily make the transition from straight strumming and 
picking to Sonic Youth-estque  chaos. 

Up next were Radioblaster from my hometown of Mississauga! This was my 
first time seeing them live and the Eric's Trip similarity does ring 
true. Although lacking the musical creativity that Kat Rocket had, the 
trio did put more energy into their performance poggoing up and down and 
going ballistic(I can't believe I just said that) on most of their 
rockers. Derek bassist sang lead on most of the songs although I was
hoping that Maritess would take over lead-vocals with her lovely voice.

And finally up were Rebecca West, a trio from Halifax. Mostly playing 
songs from their lp `Burners On' they played great melodic pop-rock songs 
which were guided along by the lanky bass player's creative use of a 
steak knife and the drummer's energetic drumming. And they were only 
plagued by equipment problems what ... two times. On the hiatus, the 
bassist entertained the audience with an anecdote about how a Rottweiler 
jumped out of a three storey window and landed right in front of him.  
And the second time when Alyson put down her guitar and yelled `Stella '
into the microphone during one of their songs(this was right after they 
had thought they had fixed the first problem) I swear I thought she was 
acting out a scene from `A Streetcar Named Desire' or something. Really 
she was asking one of the members of Kat Rocket if she could borrow their 
guitar. Once she got a guitar that worked the show continued once more. 
For their encore they did a couple of pretty, quiter tunes which should 
be coming out on a E.P. soon. 


P.S. Were any other Toronto SloanNetters in the audience?