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"understanding" - eric's trip

well. the track from the raw energy compilation is definitely one of my 
favorite non album tracks. it seems to be one of the best songs to listen 
to with headphones, in order to get the full effect of the recording 
technique they used. whenever i hear it i can remember this one time i 
was listening to it and i was walking outside in very late fall and you 
could see rainbow rings around the moon whenever you breathed and the 
music seemed to go with that sight really well. boy i'm flakey. 

anyway, for anyone who cares, this song was recorded in a kind of cool 
way. they stuck one of those crappy mono tape players (remember the kind 
with only one round speaker??) in the middle of the room and mixed it by 
distance, how far each player was from the recorder. rick basically 
crouched down on his hands and knees and shouted/whispered right into the 
"mic" on the recorder.

it's really a dreamy song, it's really sad and hard to listen to if you 
are really sad, too.

no offense to those who don't like the song, i just have to disagree. 
"understanding" is such an amazing song.

ps/ now "thoroughly" - there's a BAD eric's trip song. in case you 
thought i liked everything they did. :)

"It's a really hopeless feeling sometimes when you want to go home. You're 
even further away, you're not even getting closer to home. You're travelling 
further, and the further you travel the further you have to come back."
                                                         - Rick White