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re: the true meaning of the popx

Jeremy Harris Clarke <g56jhc\!/morgan.ucs.mun.ca> said

}my point was you emphasized how the popx was for overlooked acts and there
}is absolutely nothing overlooked by the previous mentioned non-local
}alternative rock artists.  the foo fighters are everyone's new fav band,
}everyone's heard urge overkill doing "girl.."(or if not, "sister havana" 
}or "positive bleeding") and even here in NF every skeet and his/her kid
}sis loves ween's "pushin' up daisies". 

Well, even though this will make me sound like the alternarock poser 
that I am, I must admit I've never heard any of the songs you've 
mentioned, or if I have I didn't hear a title and artist to go with 
them.  I have hovever heard that gaelic-vocalised Ashley song at 
least 3 times, as I listen to CBC more often than anything else.  
And I like it.

Ashley would do more to drag me out to the popx than some lame 
attempt at continued fame by a member of Nirvana.  Or even a member 
of Sloan, for that matter.  But, for the record, I don't wear 
baseball caps.

So there,