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Eric's Trip and more in VOX (online)


new issue of VOX is out, it should be online by now (or in a few days).
to get there, use the CJSW URL :

http://www.ucalgary.ca/~cjswfm    and just click onto VOX from there.

in this month: full length (not very good) feature on Eric's Trip, more
junk on the pop explosion, reviews for Eric's Trip, Trike, and sloan 
net kids Lousy...plus lots more. last month's issue is still up and 
should have some East Coast stuff in there, too.

i would HIGHLY recommend picking up a hardcopy of this month's issue, 
arguably the funniest in months. if anyone around halifax wants a free 
copy, email me, i'll bring you one on spring break. it's available in COOL 
magazine stands in most major canadian cities within a few weeks of 
publication, for two bucks.

you can look at roderick's pretty pictures in the last two issues, too. :)

tara charger too

"It's a really hopeless feeling sometimes when you want to go home. You're 
even further away, you're not even getting closer to home. You're travelling 
further, and the further you travel the further you have to come back."
                                                         - Rick White