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Re: i wanna rock right now

just wanted to say jon's got the best set of unsigned pipes on the east 
coast. the guy makes grown men weep, fer cryin' outside! i'm not just 
saying this because one time we went record shopping together, he is the 
stuff that makes you get shivers. somebody make sure he can play for you 
all. otherwise i'm keeping him to myself the whole weekend and it'll 
be your dumb losses. :)

also re: Eric's Trip breaking up - in the immortal words of Flavor Flav, 
"don't believe the hype". 

sleepy tara, what an idiot she is

"It's a really hopeless feeling sometimes when you want to go home. You're 
even further away, you're not even getting closer to home. You're travelling 
further, and the further you travel the further you have to come back."
                                                         - Rick White