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Re: fiddles

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Jeremy Harris Clarke wrote:

> but i thought there was talk about foo fighters or urge overkill or ween 
> or some american big name alternative act coming to popx 95 that didn't 
> come through.  or was that a rumor started by someone who had nary a clue?
> if it was true, then the festival is not about the overlooked musicians 
> but about having a successful event and, of course, the almighty $.

one small point you overlook is that this is halifax we're talking about 
and nine out of ten alcohol-deadened brains in this town don't have a 
friggin' clue about anything.  this is halifax, land of the almighty 
fiddle.  about two billion times as many people know about 
fiddlerockah-M, than know about ween, or the foo fighters, or even urge 
overkill.  this is not the metropolitan capital of culture in canada.  
get with it.  i here that god damned "devil in the kitchen" song every 
fuckin' night on cbc RADIO, not even cbc STEREO, but cbc RADIO, so don't 
tell me about how "alternative" ashley is, or how it's a shame he's being 
overlooked by the independant community, 'cause it seems to me he's doing 
just fine on his own.


"this is not cultchah!"