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Re: Quick + Relevent

Michael Ligon wrote:
> I've seen the video and I heard the song and I must say the song sounds
> alot like My Bloody Valentine. (That reminds me). I remember reading 
> somewhere back in the Halifax-will-be-the-next-Seattle days that Sloan 
> would much rather sound like My Bloody Valentine than Nirvana. I'm a fan of 
> both MBV and Nirvana but I'm really happy that `Twiced Removed' didn't sound
> like either.

I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this _but_, the My Bloody 
Valentine List is back in operation after a few months of being shut down 
(for reasons unknown). If you want to join/re-join the MBV-l you can find 
the information at the MBV website, I would include the address but it's 
all on my other account, just do a Yahoo search or wahtever, so yeah 
that's my big news.

Hootie and the Brendan.

Ps. I liked both albums alot, and I hear the next one is moving into the 
    Keltic/Funk gnere of music, any opinions on that?.. Who's got the func?