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Re: the pop explosion debate.

JR and JC make good points... there comes a point where you run out of 
options if your in the music thing to loose money/make an statement... 
like, you know, when banks won't extend any more credit, your parents 
won't return your phone calls, and the fan base your appealing to has no 
more cash....

Sustanable is cool, you know what i mean?  The PopX could go two ways, 
down size to fit a small budget with relatively small drawing bands, or 
ramp it up and bring in the american act (Beck, Urge Overkill, Foo 
Fighters) and make more dough that way...  

However, I still don't see the big diff between that Urge Overkill, Foo 
Fighters, and Ashley...  FF had the biggest media machine behind it that 
any guitar band has seen in years, UO get played all the time on Much 
(can you say Pulp Fiction?)...  if you follow the logic that the "big 
name band" is going to be a band that makes money, the next logical step 
is that the big name band has to appeal to folks who wouldn't otherwise 
by a festival pass, or a pass for that one show...

So, we are back to trying to pry money from the ballcap wearing 
university plebs...

So I still think Ashley would fit in fine...


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