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ground breaking news: dukes of hazzard

hey, did anyone know about this?  the dukes of hazzard is on every
weeknight at 8pm ast on the nashville network.  i just found this out
today and i can't believe it!  i can't wait for the weekend to end.
how long has this been going on, does anyone know?  dukes of hazzard
was my youth man, every friday after dynasty.  making fun of roscoe,
loving daisy all the way, and just wishing that i could tilt my car
and drive like that.  actually, here's a funny story to go with that.
when i was real little, we went to the us for the first time (in
maine) and i asked my mom and dad if the dukes of hazzard were going
to be there.  they laughed and said they were in like texas or
something.  anyway, no more than like 15 minutes later, this car went
by us on the interstate that looked EXACTLY like the general lee.
same paintjob and everything, and the ole flag on the top.  and it
honked it's horn, yeah that bo and luke horn sound "da da dadada da
dada da da da da".  needless to say, we all laughed.  later, jon (the
nostalgic one)