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Re: Sloan in print

At 02:02 PM 03/02/96 -0400, Nicholas Lindsay wrote:
>	Apologies to all if this has been brought up in the past, but 
>this list is dedicated to the repetition of minutia anyway...
>	In Joe Carducci's book _Rock and the Pop Narcotic_, which has 
>been published in a revised edition through H. Rollins organ 2.13.61, 
>Sloan gets a mention during his review of the 90's so far.  To whit:
>"In more pop intended situations Sloan, from Halifax NS, are the best at 
>that non-lead mid-tempo guitar pop drone which I take it is descended 
>from Big Star and other scrupulously respectable sources." p.412
>About as backhanded as a compliment can be.
>Cheers, Nick

This has probably been mentioned before too, but sloan is also mentioned in
Michael Aber....(???) something's Nirvana book.  I believe the author was
talking about Kurt Cobain's youth, and he mentioned a part of the lyric from
"Left of Centre."
        On another subject, I know this is really old news, but it still
makes me angry.  Some major magazines really dashed twice removed!  I think
one bad review was in AP, the other in Rolling Stone.  AP said that Sloan
was a bad version of Cheap Trick,  Cheap Trick was a joke and they knew it,
Sloan was a joke and they didn't know it.  And I remember that Rolling Stone
(I think) said something like it didn't compare to Smeared. 
        I'm a fan of smeared, but it's no twice removed.  Twice Removed is
the album I'll still be listening to when I'm 40.  Oh well, 

                                Adrian Bos