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Re: Sloan in print

At 12:41 AM 2/4/96, Hank Bos wrote:

>This has probably been mentioned before too, but sloan is also mentioned in
>Michael Aber....(???)

Azzerad(sp-maybe only one z )--now writing for sonicnet  (www.sonicnet.com)
He Also made a point of writing about cakelike.

>        On another subject, I know this is really old news, but it still
>makes me angry.  Some major magazines really dashed twice removed!

As did I.  But the album ended up growing on me.  Now I like it a lot.
(listened to it today, in fact) This is, of course the problem with the
whole reviewing process.  Of course, Chris continues to look dreamy no
matter what!

Shameless objectification girl,


PS (You can't touch Cheap Trick.  Or was that that other guy)

>Sloan was a joke and they didn't know it.

PPS (no that would be Thrush Hermit ....And they know exactly what they're
doing.  But Those boys are going to OD on kitsch if they aren't careful.
Watch out for them, will you?)

Margie Borschke
Fresh hell and stale bread since 1985.