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	well, the show started about 45 minutes later than it was 
supposed to....it started at 9:45, but i think that was because of the 
snow, and gordon from preppy relatives didn't have any equipment there 
and was waiting. when he finally got a guitar and an amp, he finally got 
his chance to play. you know? i really was quite indifferent about the 
preppy relatives in the past, but after seeing gordon playing by himself? 
i really dig his songs and his playing style a lot! quirky songs and neat 
lyrics! ...and then of course, there was banter about the "rainbow guy" 
who gordon rambled on about last time.....none other than the person who 
just this week threatened to blow up the john a. macdonald bridge that 
spans halifax-dartmouth! hmmmmm..... there's also the new demo tape that 
he was selling as well, which most (if not all) of which was 
played....title track "yoga community", "c.d. snyder" (one of my 
favorites) and "you bake apples" (?) were great!
	next up was matt grimson. i don't realy know much about him at 
all, except that he's really been hyped by some. i really liked him...  
sort of a rootsy/eccentric style of songwriting. he wanted to play 
using a classical guitar (he doesn't use a pick) but had to settle for 
the hollow body electric that most were using. he had this great song 
that kept mentioning "walt disney" which was neat. i'd definately go see 
him again.....i liked him!
	then there was the second ever acoustic show by thrush hermit's 
joel plaskett, who proceeded to put on a show with a few "country tinged" 
songs that probably won't see the light of day with thrush hermit, but 
would be neat if he were to put out an acoustic tape or something. he did 
play one song that he said thrush hermit will probably end up doing. it 
was kind of neat to hear joel without the band behind him, and aside from 
the voice, it was a different style of writing that seem to set it apart 
from what you'd hear with the band. being sort of nervous, he put on a 
great little show for a small but appreciative audience with one 
interesting anecdote about a super wacko soundguy who eventually ends up 
deaf because of wearing headphones hooked up to mikes and shooting a gun. 
very wierd.
	then finally, there was chris murphy who was apparently really 
nervous, but really kept the crowd in stitches for some of the show and 
played a cool set full of unreleased sloan songs like "every needle", 
"guidance councellor" (my favorite sloan song which i heard live only 
*once* before and was a real treat!), "autobiography" and "kool aid", and a 
few covers like kiss' "let me know" (that was the name, was it not adam?), 
angry samoans and 7 seconds. unfortunately, chris said he probably won't 
do something like this again, but i hope he will, because it was really 
cool! i think chris writes some really cool songs and he knows how to 
keep his audience. okay.....i'm off to catholic church now;););)

p.s.-anyone at sanisoft??? really wanted to see it and want to hear about 
     it! bob even? wanna review your own band's performance? c'mon...dig 
     out the ego! ;););)