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the Four W's of Showing Off

	hey kids! :)
	len have a new video out, so be on the watch tip. 
What's it like?
	well, i have not yet seen it, but jeremy says it's like this:
        - It begins with some answering machine messages
	- Drew is in a skate shop and gets beaten up by kids
	- There are shots of the band singing and having fun
	- Treble charger boy Greig makes an appearance or 2 
	- It's well-filmed, jeremy says, and you gotta trust him and his
	  eye/ ear for production :)
Where's the sloannet content, you loser?
	you didn't let me get to it!
	YOU SEE, the song to which the video is set is Showoff (off the
	superstar lp) and Chris Murphy and Joel Plaskett sing back-up on it.
We love lenni!
	as do i.

au revoir mes amis, au revoir. :)
tara :) :) :)


"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom