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Inbreds in Windsor

well last nite's show here was amazing...all ages at The Loop seemed to 
pretty much have a full house...local bands Poumons (played at Pop Ex.) 
and Soyl opened the early show...you know kick the little kids out so the 
big kids can drink...well I missed those 2 since a friend took me out for 
dinner...got there right in time for the Inbreds...was incouraging to see 
so many people there although it does tend to make me feel older then I 
am (23)...glad I finally got to see them...the standout of the show for 
me Turn My Head...they played for around an hour (not sure...but was 
definetly to short)...the crowd unfortunately wasn't into it too 
much...they bought the stuff...clapped loud at the end of songs...but no 
one was standing...I hate that about Windsor...300+ people (guestimate) 
and no one was standing or really into the music...I think maybe the 
younger ones might have been intimidated...it's not like the Masonic 
Temple here in town where lots of all ages shows are played...at the Loop 
I think there has been maybe 4 (all east coast except except Die 
Cheerleader)...stuck around a bit after...picked up Hilario 
finally...what I've heard was good...only info I got was that they'd be 
recording in April, and I'm sure that's made the rounds here 
before...overall great show and hopefully the come back

Forever Green,


ps-Best Line...Dave "Anybody see us in Detroit with Buffalo Tom" Mike 
raises his hand "I was there"

had me laffing at the line all nite...probably had to be seen to be 

pps-signed my CD Rheostatics rule...gotta love them