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raw energy eric's trip

On Sun, 4 Feb 1996, Per L}ngstr|m wrote:

> a) is the comp. i found any good?  

I dunno, I've never heard it.

> b) what is the one with eric's trip and wooden stars called? and 

It's not really called anything, but there is a comic on the front called 
"On The Road".

The compilation is actually really really bad.  The Eric's Trip song is 
my least favourite ET song. (IMHO, anyways.)  The Wooden Stars song is 
ok.  The Jale song is pretty good (it's called "I Lied".. is it on 
anything else?).. everything else on it is crap. (once again, IMHO)

Here, I'll type out all the songs that are on it, because I'm sure more 
people than just you are interested.

Dinner is Ruined            - StuckPig
Groovy Religion             - Wanda
hHead                       - Collide 
King Cobb Steelie           - One's a Heifer
The Imagineers              - This is nevada calling
Jale                        - I Lied
Cottage Industry            - Theme from superstar
yeti                        - The crossing
wooden stars                - hate everyone
spool                       - new heaven
wining, dining & drilling   - captain's a wreck
deadbeat backbone           - til i'm gone
eric's trip                 - understanding
change of heart             - stress monkey

> c) *how do i get hold of it*? 

Ask your local record store to order it for you.