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Re: preppyrelativesmattgrimsonjoelplaskettandchrismurphyatbobandlori's

On Sun, 4 Feb 1996, Shant Pelley wrote:

> 	next up was matt grimson. i don't realy know much about him at 
> all, except that he's really been hyped by some. i really liked him...  
> sort of a rootsy/eccentric style of songwriting.

Shant, did you notice that he sounds a bit like Chick (of Scarce) when 
they did the acoustic set. But that might just be me :)  Same with the 
Greg C and the meatloaf comparison.

> 	then there was the second ever acoustic show by thrush hermit's 
> joel plaskett,

The first was playing a bazokie (sp??) about 5 years ago, so he said. 

> the voice, it was a different style of writing that seem to set it apart 
> from what you'd hear with the band.

His songs with Thrush Hermit are always fast and bouncy, but most of 
these were very sad and depressing lyrics, which was a very surprising 

> 	then finally, there was chris murphy who was apparently really 
> nervous, but really kept the crowd in stitches for some of the show and 
> played a cool set full of unreleased sloan songs like "every needle",

that's a really cooooool song, and a neat coincidence:) :) ;) 
> "guidance councellor" (my favorite sloan song which i heard live only 
> *once* before and was a real treat!), 

it GC really a true Sloan song, when "they" played it live, 
McInnes Room Oct 1993, it was just Chris, and it's listed on the 
Snob Shop 'Pick of the week' 10" but its not there. ???? I dunno.

> few covers like kiss' "let me know" (that was the name, was it not adam?), 

yes sir! from the first album in 1974. 

> keep his audience. okay.....i'm off to catholic church now;););)

I'm going to convert, and join you. Holy Holy cow a can't believe how cool
that would be ;) :)

> p.s.-anyone at sanisoft??? really wanted to see it and want to hear about 
>      it! bob even? wanna review your own band's performance? c'mon...dig 
>      out the ego! ;););) 

Unfortunately we got to the birdland in even time to hear the last song 
end, the house music come up and the band unplug.  But the new hair and 
miner's light were cool.


P.S. Anyone who has graphical capabilities with their account and
doesn't know what Jamesy C. looks like, you can find a picture
of him at the WWW site below.  He has not even seen it! :)

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