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my post-shrunk shirt.. :)

hello. i washed my pitchblende shirt in 95 degrees celsius (do not know 
what that is in fahrenheit. grab a calculator and figure it out yourself) 
and, :) , it shrunk a lot. like 15% or something! i was afraid the print 
would get screwed up but it didn't, so i am happy! anyway, as i got so 
many replies with suggestions on how to shrink it as well as inquiries to 
forward the suggestions i got i thought i'd let you all know on how to go 
along with this. so, here's what a bunch of sloanetters think is right 
to do when your 100% cotton t-shirt is about to drown you:


"Well to shorten your t-shirt you COULD just cut off however much and
then re-sew it... kind of like hemming up a shirt. just  gotta be
careful that you don't cut it too short cuz you can't get it back."

"wash it in really hot water, if all else fails, and you've decided that 
you're just not going to wear it otherwise, cut the bottom, fold it 
inwards once and sow it up. (just don't cut it too short!!)"

"Cotton is the easiest textile to shrink, wash in HOT HOT HOT water and
tumble dry, that should do the trick, other than that, try eating at Taco
Bell every day and maybe.."

"you can try boiling it... that might help (my mom once suggested it, but
i've never tried).  also, if it's cotton, putting it in the dryer will
shrink it if it's not already pre-shrunk."

"most of the band shirts i see here are way small.  like the Sloan shirt 
i got with a picture of the drummer on it from the inside of the cd, its' 
a very tight fit.  but then their other shirt, is MASSIVE. Just put a 
long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt under it.  or if you have a long
underwear top, put the shirt over that."

"american clothes are evil and corrupt, didn't you know that?  wash shirt at
95 celcius twice, throw in dryer.  smile."

"in North America typically wear sweat shirts, etc overtop of something
else like a t-shirt.  Generally wearing sweatshirts like that is more
than neough to keep you warm when you are inside, and when you go oustide
you put on a jacket yet too.  T-shirts are generally not as loose.  I
have no clue how to strink it though."