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Hi guys:) The thing about Ashley is that it doesn't matter what kind of
music you are into, the music just gets into you and digs at your soul until
your body starts to move! I mean, for heaven sakes alive! we were groovin it
up in an ORCHESTRA PIT!:) ... maybe that's why that one employe seemed like
she had a manditory pickle up her  butt, she had ear plugs in or something...
ps. for the encore, I believe it was, Ashley started playing this song on
the piano, it was amazing, and then the rest of the band came on stage and
he and Joelle (the pianist) switched mid song without skipping a beat. Wowee
Zowee:) one weird thing was that MJ Lamen was like a comedian / musician,
and so was ashely, and the lights were very professional. But I liked it the
best when Mary Jane had appeared to finish what she said, and they started
to dim the lights, but then she stepped up to the mic to say something else,
and the technitions we all "oh shit!" and zoomed the lights back on:)