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The Ashley thing is funny, in that despite the dance pop/gaelic tunes 
with fiddle (Sleepy Maggie?) and the video for devil in the kitchen, the 
celtic side of the industry in these parts still claims him as their own, 
and the alternative industry does not.. though the other day in an 
interview with the Record the interviewer expressed great suprise to me 
that Ashley wasn't a part of the Sloan/ET/Hardship Post popX of '92...  
from her point of view in T.O., its seemed like Ashley would be a natural 
for hanging at the 'Deuce, drinking with the HSP, etc...   

Personally, I think he should have headlined at the PopX, because he _is_ 
more alternative (by the strictist dictionary definition) then most of 
the music in teh scene... and he has better drawing power then ANY band 
that played the popX last year.


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