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top 10

10. san francesco's veal sandwiches (corner of queen&bathurst - ask for 
extra hot and they put lots of peppers on it; goes down best after a few 
pitchers of bad draft)
9. guys with glasses, but they're not sure what kind of glasses suit them 
so they change every 6 mos.
8. <sp>...use it even if you know how to use a dictionary
7. judd hirsch, dear john era
6. trio's "da da da - the album". it's so much more than 3 krauts and a casio
5. robert raushenberg and jasper johns rented an apartment together 
before they were famous artists. every time they spilled paint on the 
persian carpet they would paint a corresponding spot on it to dissguise 
the damage. eventually, the original design was obliterated. their 
landlady never noticed. that rug would be worth millions now.
4. beatle boots and a nice four-button suit
3. joe pesci in goodfellas, "whatamI some kinda fucking joke to you? i'm 
here to make you laugh?"
2. robert mitchum getting busted for pot in 1948
1. waterloo sunset by the kinks