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Ashley MacIssac

 h'lo guys:) I saw Ashley MacIssac ( I dunno if that is right ) on Sunday
night and this is what I have to say :

                 WOWEE ZOWEE!!!

Mary Jane Lamen opened for him with her gaelic tunes, and they were pretty
kewl. Just goes to show that you don't need to understand the lyrics to get
swept up in the music. But then Ashley came on and said " just don't sit for
the whole time, dance too" but the people at the theater were really ainal.
It was at the Grand Theater, which was not exactly a dancing sort of place,
but  we did it NEway. Our seats were really bad, as in the balcony 2nd row
up from the top, so we went down to dance in the orchestra pit and there was
this one employee who was all "I don't know, I don't know, you're not going
to jump on the stage are you?" and we're all "yeah, we're gonna steal his
instrument and his kilt and stuff and just maul him to death." No ofcourse
not we just wanna dance, so that's what we did. At one point,  he gave us
all instructions to how to get to his mom's house, and that was kewl. Also,
he met some step dancers , and they came up and did their stuff which was
kinda neat, but I guess my friends thought that they were being really ditzy
as in "Ooh, he said my name ! <giggle giggle>" and then he got to talking
and it was funny cause he felt really akward in his kilt. But it was all
good, and evryone enjoyed the show , even my friend who was feeling sick,
who we accidentilly gave the shaft to and left in the balcony:)

Weeping Tile is next sunday, and then sometime soon is Ani DiFranco:)