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razzin' deluxe!

what's all this razzin ryan cook all about - if you don't wanna read the 
stuff, don't!  newbies (like myself) have every right to test the ppl on 
this thing with polls etc...  it may be important to us, even it the "old 
school" pretenciencies (ha! i made that up!hehe) don't think a poll is 
valid.  ryan, i didn't see anything wrong with it...if the ppl that did 
want to set up some kind of elite internet society where ppl say things 
(or write i should say) and post messages according to silly preferences 
(like the preference, say, that polls are "annoying") they might as well 
subscribe to a dictator-run society...

why can't we keep it light hearted around here?  i'm smiling most of the 
time when i read this stuff, it sounds like one big joke to me... and if 
it is, great!  just don't take this thing too seriously, it's cool to 
discuss... but argue all the time?  idiotic.
i can't really vote now for my fav. east coast bands, but sure as hell it 
would include some home grown newfie acts - sorry, i'm a loyalist at heart!