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Re: Quick + Relevent

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Brendan Ryan wrote:

> About 15 min ago I saw the Cool Blue Halo video for a song that (I think) 
> was called "Sweetie Said".. I'm sure that's what it is called.. you know 
> it looks to be a pretty good video.. I think it was shot in Chinatown,TO
> But yeah, it doesn't look like crap and the song is alot cooler than when 
> they play it live.. It's good in my opinion.
> Brendan.

as far as i know, it was shot by an art college friend. i guess they're 
going to use him for the next video as well too. i kinda like the video 
as well....very odd though. i hope it ends up on the cd that they're in the 
process of recording. cheers!