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rebecca west/inbreds in ottawa

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From: Nishitoba, Carol
To:  'sloan'
Subject:  rebecca west/inbreds in ottawa
Date: 1996-01-31 12:48
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in short, it was a great show :)  and i made two friends :)

zaphods is a pretty cool place.  comfy seating, and a stage the size of the 
volcano (in kitchener).  i like it there :)  altho, it is kinda dark... ;) 
 but then, how can i *not* like a place that plays the waltons in between 
sets? :)  woo-hoo! heard "in the meantime" too... (anyone see a 
connection???? ;) )

rebecca west played a fine set, with some new material they recorded 
recently with ian blurton of change of heart for an ep to come out (i forgot 
the title).  a few broken strings here, strap breaking there, and some 
powerful vocals.  seeing lukas playing the bass with a steak knife is 
something else...

the inbreds rawked.  i'm still amazed at the great sound they get out of a 
bass and drum duo.  they played some new songs, some old songs, some medium 
songs... dave was smiling, mike was rawkin'...  but their intro music was 
the best -- the blues brothers!!  wooo! (it's the part where dan akroyd 
<sp?> is introducing theirselves.. a kingston connection maybe?)

and yes, dave's subliminal (!?) messages of "in the meantime..." that he 
muttered on two occasions  was in reference to my l'il zine.  speaking of 
which, i interviewed them for, only to find out that the first tape didn't 
record any sound... i cried when i didn't hear anything :'( 
 murder-merch-boy marc brown took part too (in the interview, not the 
crying)... umm.. but there was a lot of shameless name dropping going on 
(the top being chris murphy. hahahahaahaha!!)  oh, and if they ever get 
their single out on sappy, it will be AWESOME.  they do covers.

thazzit from me

               ...sizzle teen

p.s.  tara lee, marc also says "happy birthday" :)
p.p.s.  hey y'all, it was tara lee wittchen's b-day on monday!
p.p.p.s.  and jon dacey's too!
p.p.p.p.s. cathy, are my messages gettin' thru to you??
p.p.p.p.p.s.  wheee!  winterlude!  fireworks! :) :) :)
p.p.p.p.p.p.s.  here's another vote in favour of "eyes shut"
p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s.  adamweezer -- didja get the tape?