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Top 5 band update

        Below is the current standings on the east coast band poll as of Jan
30/8:00pm. But first I suppose I should apolagize for my outbirst the other
day, when I replyed to what Yan wrote. Next time he writes stuff like that
like that I'll just send my 2 cents to him instead of everybody on Sloannet.
But for anybody who was offended about what I wrote, think about this: 
        I decide to compile a poll of the top 5 east coast bands for Sloan
net, which isn't a terrible idea to begin with considiring iv'e only been on
Sloan net 2 weeks so I didn't know anybody had already done one. So I take
my time to do the list, and then some guy writes this long article where he
insults me and my ideas throughout the whole letter and then titles the
subject "Hey I am lame"
. It didn't impress me. I didn't know that he was only joking, I thought he
was really serious. Anyway I could go on for hours but I won't. I hope this
clears it up with everyone, and it will put this whole thing to rest.

               1. Sloan             61pts
               2. Eric's Trip       42pts
               3. Superfriendz      34pts
               4. Thrush Hermit     33pts
               5. Burnt Black       10pts

        Anybody with votes left, or hate mail send to ryanc\!/atcon.com

p.s  A few people have been ridiculing me for having an Alice in Chains
quote for a signature. I thought everybody was intitiled to their own
musical preference. Just because AIC isn't an east coast band, it doesn't

"Seems so sick to the hypocrite norm
running their boring drills
 But we are an elite race of our own
the stoners, junkies, and freaks."
     -Alice in Chains