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the return of change of heart

  last night in toronto CHANGE OF HEART played a free show
at the el mocambo. this was one of their first live gigs
since their bass player, john borra, quit the band back in
september. they came on stage saying that they were a new band
and had skipped school the previous day to practice some new
songs in their garage. they continued this joke throughout the
show by thanking their mom for lending them the car and their
dad for lending them money to make demo tapes. ;)
  but all joking aside, they rawked. their set list was almost
entirely all new songs except for a couple songs off of
tummysuckle. their new bass player, rob, is a fine musician
and definitely fills the position.  he adds a new dynamic to the
band much like when they added john richardson on the drums.
they fed off each other's energy and played one intense set! the new
lineup is very tight and there is fantastic chemistry among the band
  members. don't miss them when they come to your town!

 long live rawk n' roll,
      K e L l Y
ps- ian tells me that they will be at the volcano in kitchener
  on feb. 16th (i think).