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Re: *completely* off topic (Daniel Johnston)

daniel johnston started releasing indie cassettes in the early 80's on 
Stress, and there are about 10 of these floating around, there are alos a 
couple of homestead records form the same period (including the 
amazing*!* 'yip/jump music' from '83).  he put out two records on shimmy 
disc, 1990 and artistic vices, and signed to atlantic records in '94, and 
released fun.

since the 80's he's been a staple in 'zine culture, and the austin music 
scene.  he's done several stints in mental institutions and as far as i 
know, he still lives at home with his mom (there is some freaky "what are 
you doing daniel?!?!"  "nothing ma!!!" dialogue in between songs - or 
rather interrupting songs - in some of the stress cassettes.)

johnston's music is sort of a one-gag schtick, and it wears thin over 
time.  his new recordingsa aren't very interesting (when compared with 
the three homestead records) and really don't offer anything that hasn't 
been run into the ground on previous records.  

if you like 'fun' check out 'yip/jump music' and 'hi, how are you' and 
'continued story' all on homestead, and by far his most interesting and 
enjoyable work.  plus, if you can find it, there is a great 7" for 
"speeding motorcycle" on which daniel johnston phones up a radio show 
where yo la tengo are being interviewed and they play speeding motorcycle 
together a la bad brains "sacred love"

i hope that helps.

"i crap bigger than you."
	-jack pallance