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Indy rock and racism

If any of you is interested or would like to know more about the 
subject of race/racism in indy rock, i recommend you the zine Destroy 
Amerikkka #2. The publisher is Ben Evens who can be reached at
<bce2\!/midway.uchicago.edu>. It is instrutive and worth reading. 

Escuse my ignorance but where in halifax can we see black act?
I've seen the Hip club groove play the birdcage a couple of time, but 
that's it. I wanna see funk, but not the white shit. I want some real 
fat shit in my face. I live just by the Gravitee, but everyone tells 
me not go; it could be life threatening. I don't really want to lay 
my life on th line just for the Soul, so what are the alternatives?

Re : Plumtree

check out the next Exclaim! rumours say that they should get the 
(colour!) front page (sharing it with Eric's trip).

see ya,