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"Eric's (sic) Trip comes from Moncton, in New Brunswick, Canada, where if
this band is any indication, people have a lot of time on their hands - in
the last 5 years, the band has appeared on 20 records and released 127
original songs.  And that's not even counting the solo and side-projects by
all four members of the band:  guitarists Rick White and Chris Thompson,
bassist Julie Doiron and drummer Mark Gaudet have records out credited to,
respectively, Elevator To Hell, Moonsocket, Broken Girl and Purple Knight.
As you may have guessed by now, they all spend lots of time in their
bedrooms writing and recording songs.  Those home recordings have showed up
all over previouus Eric's Trip records, though their only appearance here is
the opening "Introduction Into The . . .(Parts 1-4)":  one from each of
them.  But you can still hear the ambience of the bedroom on th erest of the
album - not in the recording (which is fine andfrelatively clear), but in
the fragility and personalness of the songs, the way the four of them keep
their lyrics close to their chests when they sing, the way they crank their
amps up all the way but still play gingerly, like they're not quite used to
being able to let loose without annoying someone next door.  The best song
here is Doiron's "Eyes Shut", an early Dinosaur-style rocker where her
straining vocal is almost completely overwhelmed by the band's full-bore
charge.  That tension between the lyric and the declamatory is where Eric's
Trip generates its power.           - Douglas Walk

Datalog:  Release date:  Jan.16.
File Under:  Lo-fi songs gone mid-fi rock.
R.I.Y.L.:  Early Sebadoh, Grifters, Sonic Youth."


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