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Re: plumtree on tv?

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Michael Ligon wrote:

> I'm not sure what the TV show is and to be honest( and no I'm not trying to 
> be macho) I don't watch the network, but a couple of times I've flipped 
> past the station and on two separate occasions I've come across segments 
> on Jale and Cub. It does make a male indie pop fan want to start watching 
> the network doesn't it?

girl talk really isn't a very good show.  it's sort of advertised as 
sassy magazine on tv, but it's really more like street cent$ than 
anything else.  it reeks of the cbc, even though it isn't a cbc product.

trust me, i know my trash tv.

obsloannet: someone posted earlier requesting info about bands who have 
done music for street cents: to my knowledge, thrush hermit, hip club 
groove, entrafis and len have all been involved in some capacity or 
another.  it's mighty fine cash, let me tell you.  for those of you 
curious as to why there is such a high east coast content, the show is 
filmed and was developed in hfx.  len are involved because video dude 
mike clattenburg is head honcho for the show these days i think, or in 
some large position of power, and he directed the candy pop video.  also, 
ex-adinsong, house of usher, corporation, groove construction and infinite 
loop eurotrash whiteboy steve comeau is doing lots of post prod for 
street cents these days as well.  you should see the pictures i've seen 
of him and monika deol.  whooee!