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Re: Hey I am lame!

> Date:          Sat, 27 Jan 1996 21:52:55 -0400 (AST)
> From:          lovesey\!/fox.nstn.ca (Natalie Lovesey)
> Subject:       Re: Hey I am lame!
> Well, I think you're the *lame* one, you can't even think of another word to 

Ho, you have notice it? perspicacity is your shtick baby! 

> use!! You're obviously the one with too much time on your hands if you'd 
> bother to do this. WHY you insist on being such a dick, I don't know. But do 

why ho why?? i don't know? who knows? The egg or the chicken? What is 
the essence? the deffinition of my existence? epistomology? the right 
to know? what is the sex of angels?
All i can answer to you, as some famous holywood actor once said, is that 
man has two brains but that he can only use on of them at the time.
I am just a man. btw, both brains bring me immense pleasures. But i 
gotta admit that one of them relaxes me a bit more. 

yeah, maybe you're righ. I've been under too much stress 
lately. perhaps a little masage. what do you think?

> us all a favor and don't waste your time, no one wants to read the crap you 

*sniff* je pleure. no one wants me. *snif*
you are a funny girl. you make me laugh. if only you had a clue of 
what you were talking about.

> put! This list *is* about east coast bands, you know, so whats wrong with 
> discussing them?  

Nat, in what grade are you?

> >aRe yAn supremacist
> >Hey!  
> Yeah, and we DON'T need any RACISTS on here either -- and if you weren't 
> serious why the hell did you put that?! It's really NOT funny.

Bou ha ha ha ha!!!

Now sweetie you just have showed the world your immense lack sense of 
wit and humour. aRe yAn... the guy who is taking care of the chart 
thinngy is called Ryan... R yAn... aRe yan... get it. do you want me 
to explain it to you? 
the supremacist thing was indeed and easy one, but far from racist. 
seeing a racist in someone that make that kind of no-point out of the 
blue just because it crossed ones mind is on the verge of paranoYa.
btw, i like your use of WE. who do you think you are lamo.
I know. you are young. you're looking for a cause. looking for 
something to fight for. But lady, try somewhere else. One of the 
caracteristic of the good fighter, is his ability of choosing the 
right opponent. Sorry, but if you want to fight racism here on the 
sloan net, don't fight me I'm not a racist. I LOVE diversity. Joint your local 
anti-racist association and clean up the world of those impure 
thoughts and souls! If you don't like my humour, 
my tastes, just Throw my messages down the basket in the bottom 
right of your monitor (somewhere else on your window... maybe "D" for deleted. btw, 
remeber that window 95=Mac 84, don't beleive the hype). Just like you 
do when you see Alanis coming on Muchmusic. Zap!

And then I'll be Thrown!

Yours in entertainment,