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Re: Purple Blue

At 01:44 PM 28/01/96 -0400, Michael Damian Catano wrote:

>> the CD too.)  Another neat thing is that on the Moonsocket Ratfist 7inch, he
>> sings in one of his song "I'm not really obsessed with Lou."  I can't wait
>                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   
>whatever.  have you actually ever heard any sentridoh stuff?  chris' 
>eric's trip songs are great, and he's the nicest guy, but moonsocket 
>really does sound like lou.  totally.  

What do you mean 'whatever'?  He does say "I'm not really obsessed with
Lou."  Did I say something wrong?  Are you bitter today?   
        Actually, I am a big sentridoh/sebadoh fan, and I have to agree that
Chris sounds a bit like Lou, but not all the time. It seems to me that the
earlier stuff sounds really Lou-like (I love Moonsockets "beyond the
barbwire" version, but the sebadoh version of Bolder is better than Chris'),
but with a twist.  I can relate a lot more with Moonsocket's lyrics than
with Lou's, but that's just me!  The newer moonsocket stuff, besides how it
was recorded, sounds nothing like sentridoh/early sebadoh to me.  The SubPop
single great!