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monoxides at birdland

	just saw the monoxides play at birdland last night. they were 
great! they had moncton underagers supervillain opening for them. i've 
only seen them once before, and i *still* find it wierd seeing this kid 
that i got into music in grade 7 on stage. they've gotten better since 
last time, not blowing the p.a. system or anything;) they played some new 
stuff from their new demo tape, as well as a cover of the song "867-5309 
jenny" by tommy tutone which they actually got the lyrics right to this 
time as well.
	next up was cleveland steamer, who i'm not too familiar with, and 
wasn't left with the greatest impression of last time. they were 
interesting to say the least. the most i remember about the show was chad 
from thee suddens running backstage yelling "you *gotta* come see this guys!"
only to find one of the guys in the band had taken his shirt off and had 
his pants fdown around his ankles. i guess people had been egging him on 
to do it.
	oh well, then came the monoxides.....complete with triple "6" t 
shirts and rock poses that put others to shame;) i guess "the new music"
was doing a profile on them and rock poses (catano-watch for the venom 
wristband again;). unfortunately, i think they felt the pressure on them 
and felt more compelled than usual to be "rock stars" in front on mike 
campbell's camera. they played a great set that consisted of most of the 
"out of the marsh" cd, well, except that they changed the name of the 
song "chad" to "dale" for whatever reason. they also had one or two new 
songs to try out. they actually have about 20 or so that they're in the 
process of demoing for the next release:)
	i guess the best part of the show was the encore when rick white 
decided to come out and "kick out the jams" with a great, screamy cover 
of the mc5 classic. reading from a lyric sheet, rick screamed, rolled, 
tried to do a back-flip (to no avail), jumped, and even almost hit derek 
with the microphone when he tried to swing the mic like roger daltrey! i 
think he broke the rule for every rock star singer-pose!;)
well, i guess that's it...