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Re: Purple Blue

On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, Hank Bos wrote:

> the CD too.)  Another neat thing is that on the Moonsocket Ratfist 7inch, he
> sings in one of his song "I'm not really obsessed with Lou."  I can't wait
whatever.  have you actually ever heard any sentridoh stuff?  chris' 
eric's trip songs are great, and he's the nicest guy, but moonsocket 
really does sound like lou.  totally.  

> to get the Moonsocket CD.  I blindly sent Derivative a check hoping that
> they're still copies left.  I heard the song "THe secret she had to keep" on
> CBC and it sounded so cool!!!  

you shouldn't have trouble finding a copy, it's on a fairly reliable 
label and it only came out a few weeks ago, so i doubt they're sold out.  
moonsocket isn't exactly a giant in the indie world.

the cd has
nice packaging.  ultra-trendy brown (a la shellac) with grey and silver 
ink (a la shellac) in loss-mass zero plastic package (a la shellac).  
lots of hearts and stars, plus a picture of his girlfriend.  it would be 
really nice if it wasn't so ... derivative (cringe...).