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Re: plumtree on tv?

On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, AL lefebvre wrote:

> hey,
> i was just flippin' around da TeeVee and as i went by the Women's Network
> Channel thingy i noticed that plumtree were being featured, but i only tuned
> in for the last three "oh"s of "sodium chloride". frig! that always happens
> to me!!
> every freakin' time something good is on tv fate only allows me to see the
> last five seconds - never the *first* five seconds though!!
> anyhow, can someone tell me more about this plumtree thing. 

the show is called "girl talk" and it's sort of this teen issues show 
thing.  there was a short feature on plumtree recorded whilst they were 
in ottawa.  

horrid sounding live shots, uninteresting interview.  you didn't miss 
much. some useless shots of amanda looking really puzzled as she stares 
at her amp.

they'll run it a million times this week, unless it was last weeks 
episode, in which case you're SOL.