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Re: Purple Blue

At 09:52 PM 27/01/96 -0800, Keith Preston wrote:
>>        Purple blue is a great album, and the song purble blue reminds me a
>>lot of some obscure sebadoh song.
>I just got Purple Blue last night...it really is a great album.  I kind of
>miss the barking dogs in the background though.  I was really intrigued with
>the sebadoh/eric's trip thing...I got a moon socket cd last night (i don't
>know what it is--duhcd015 for anybody that cares) and the first thing I
>thought of was "hey--this sounds like eric's trip over at lou barlow's
>house"...anyways, that was the first time I had heard moon socket, and now I
>love them.  Bye

Yeah, I miss the homemade sounds of the first two full lengths, but the new
one still rocks.  Another weird thing is that aside from Part one of
Introduction into the... there's no real acoustic number.   As for the
Sebadoh-ET connection, Moonsocket does 2 Sentridoh (Lou's side project)
covers.  The first is on the moonsocket cassette, it's 'barbed wire'.  He
also does 'bolder' on the Moonsocket Socket to Me tape ( I assume it's on
the CD too.)  Another neat thing is that on the Moonsocket Ratfist 7inch, he
sings in one of his song "I'm not really obsessed with Lou."  I can't wait
to get the Moonsocket CD.  I blindly sent Derivative a check hoping that
they're still copies left.  I heard the song "THe secret she had to keep" on
CBC and it sounded so cool!!!