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Re: Purple Blue

Hank Bos writes:

> don't know of a SAPPY email address, so I'll ask the masses.  Does anyone
> know what's on the Sappy catalogue so far? Here's what I know of (what I

well Sub Pop bought Eric's Trip a computer and it was given to Rick 
initially but at last report was ebing transfered to Julie at which point 
she (and Sappy) should be on the net however I don't know if she is yet.  
Try e-mailing her at etrip\!/subpop.com since that adress wil re-mail to 
her if she is up and running.

> have) -  Moonsocket - spaced odd ditties
>         Moonsocket cassette
>         broken girl - dog love part two
>         broken girl - nora
>         elevator to hell - forward to snow
>         julie and the porthole to dementia
>         Orange Glass
>         Thee Suddens
>         Snailhouse

there is suppose to be a new Orange Glass 7" and the Borken Girl CD out 
on Sappy as of Feburary sometime.  I don't have anymore details though.  
With the exception of those two releases that is all the Sappy stuff I 
know of.

> I read on the list that the inbreds recorded a song for sappy as well as for
> Murderecords.  Is it going to be a seven inch for both labels?  Also, can
> anyone confirm the 7inch on Eek records (broken gir/moonsocket).  Does it exist?

I was the one that posted about the Moonsocket/Broken Girl spilt being on 
Eek Records.  I don't have any more info yet but I sent Eeek a letter ask 
for a bit mroe info and should be getting a letter back within the next 
couple of weeks and will post the info once I have it.

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