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Re: Purple Blue

>Lastly: I am so dissapointed that Universal Dawn is about a girl 
>named Dawn.....I thought it went along with the Space theme....and to 
>be perfectly honest...Dawn is such a lame name.
I don't think we're even supposed to know that the song is about a girl
named Dawn.  In fact, the lyric's themselves when read say nothing about a
girl named  Dawn.  It's probably one of the most optomistic Chris songs I've
ever heard (which makes perfect sense if you know that it really IS about a
girl named Dawn!)  Oh well, it's a great song anyway... and to be perfectly
honest, Mathew is such a lame name :) just kidding!
        Purple blue is a great album, and the song purble blue reminds me a
lot of some obscure sebadoh song.  I remember a while ago I heard that E.T
and Lou had talked (not to seriously) about doing something (musically)
together.  That would have been neat to hear... back on the subject of ET, I
don't know of a SAPPY email address, so I'll ask the masses.  Does anyone
know what's on the Sappy catalogue so far? Here's what I know of (what I
have) -  Moonsocket - spaced odd ditties
        Moonsocket cassette
        broken girl - dog love part two
        broken girl - nora
        elevator to hell - forward to snow
        julie and the porthole to dementia
        Orange Glass
        Thee Suddens
I read on the list that the inbreds recorded a song for sappy as well as for
Murderecords.  Is it going to be a seven inch for both labels?  Also, can
anyone confirm the 7inch on Eek records (broken gir/moonsocket).  Does it exist?