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Purple Blue

I guess I just wanted to say my two bits:

I wasn't crazy about this album at first....which is usually a sure 
sign that something is going to grow on me, at least when it's by a 
decent band like ET. Same thing happened with Twice Removed, which 
I'm sure most everyone encountered. The best albums are the ones that 
grow on you.....and the ones that have atmosphere to them. Purple 
Blue definitely has atmosphere. A friend of mine pointed out 
something interesting the other night. We were talking about the sort 
of universe-space atmosphere to the disc and he said that the 4 intro 
parts made this image in his head of whisking by planets, picking up 
their individual "tunes" so to speak, as you cruised by. I guess you 
have to have the right image in your head, but to me this seemed like 
the kind of thing that just adds so much to a song (or songs in this 
case)....it's just that kind of imagery.....

A couple of other notes: Thanks Tara for the run down on the ET 
songs by Rick...not because I care about who wrote them, but because 
of the little anecdotes. I had always wondered whether they had 
REALLY recorded that track in Mark's backyward. I had been convinced 
that it was a hoax...."no way...that would be too cool, rick has to be 
standing there with one of those little water-bird whistles, or 
something...no way...". Also: I had no idea this Rick-Julie thing 
went so deep....it's totally changed my perception of the band...it's 
also so close to home that it's scary....

Lastly: I am so dissapointed that Universal Dawn is about a girl 
named Dawn.....I thought it went along with the Space theme....and to 
be perfectly honest...Dawn is such a lame name.