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Re: Purple Blue

Tara Lee Wittchen <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> wrote

}On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, Michael Damian Catano wrote:
}> On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, Hank Bos wrote:
}> > the CD too.)  Another neat thing is that on the Moonsocket Ratfist 7inch, he
}> > sings in one of his song "I'm not really obsessed with Lou."  I can't wait
}>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   
}> whatever.  have you actually ever heard any sentridoh stuff?  chris' 
}> eric's trip songs are great, and he's the nicest guy, but moonsocket 
}> really does sound like lou.  totally.  
}um...thanks for the brilliant insight, mike, but i think everyone *knows* 

Only everyone who's ever listened to Lou Barlow.  I didn't know this.

}you can please some of the people some of the time...but you can never 
}please mcatano\!/is.dal.ca.

"I should take it with a grain of salt.."

}ps/ polls are lame in the eyes of some. don't answer them, then. geeeezus....

No, polls are simply lame.  Especially invited polls, which do not 
accurately sample a population but merely sample the fraction of the 
population who can be bothered to reply.  If anyone wants to know who 
the favourite ECB's of Sloannetters are, they simply need to read 
the posts and count how often bands are mentioned in a positive 
light.  One would likely establish a list something like this:

Eric's Trip
Thrush Hermit
Rebecca West

Which I bet is pretty close to what you'd get by asking everyone and
thumbscrewing them into an honest reply, unbiased by a daily posting 
of the results.

Statistically yours,