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Hey I am lame!

Hey how about you post me your fav 5 east cost songs
and i'll make a lame chart with it. Here's an exemple;

1. To much time on my hand.
2. I though this list was rolling. 
3. Into good action again.
4. But no, i just gotta be lame.
5. And show the world that this list has nothing better to offer
    then a lame chart AGAIN.

I know what you're thinking as you nervously bite your nails in 
excitement, you're thinkin : "whoisitgonnabe? who-is-it-gonna-be????
Sloan, Eric's trip, Thrush Hermit probably third, Eric's trip, Sloan, 
Thrush Hermit probably not third, who is GONNA BE NUMBER ONE!?!?!?!
sing it :
wo ho ! i just need to know
hey low ! i am a lamo.
I say maybe, you gonna be the one that saves me.
And after all, i'm your wonderdull.

aRe yAn supremacist