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mmm ergonomic guitArs...

hey there...

hey catano .. suck my dick man the parker fly is where its at baby!! ...

who needs fuckin vintage jags and shit when you can have a $4000 custom 
made shred machine ? 

im thinking of trading in my 64 mustang for a new 95 59 reissue strat.. 
anyone got one? i really really need that stevie ray tone ... 

anyhow no bowie does not need to pack it in .. bowie is an artiste... yes 
he needs to rexamine his influences though.. "hmm this trent resnor guy 
seems to be pretty hip" bowie should form an allstar band (like ringo) of 
members of suede, pulp and oasis (just for the testosterone ala mick 
ronson) and work on a new album.. if bowi and noel  got together .. wooo 
concept album heaven.. ive got it bowie and noel could right a concept 
album about the beatles.. bowie from the perspective of the sixties and 
noel for the latter decades... it would be awesome....and noel could play 
a parker fly too :)

heres a sample song:

john and yoko supersonic love song from mars (no. 2)

"ringo played the drums...
he played so welll 
but theyre dreams were made 
when john was chained 
to an oriental babe

no we're never realy gonna live forever
but maybe she's gonna be the one who...
but maybe your gonna be the one who...

and they were rock and roll stars"

brings a tear to my eye