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Re: the thrown thing

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> Are there any good underage bands in Halifax?  For that matter, are 
> there any underage Haligonians on Sloannet?  If not, why not?  There 
> are enough underagers on the list who live elsewhere.  There are 
> enough underagers in Halifax who like indie rock.

there are no really good underage indie rock bands in hafx, as far as 
know, a lot of really bad punk bands, a few really good punk bands, and 
not a whole lot more.  i think some of madhat are still underage, so do 
they count?  most of plumtree are underage.  i'm barely of age.

i don;t think thathere are many underagers who like indie rock.  there 
are a lot who like punk rock, but indie rock seems to be an old fart 
thing.  if you can't get more than forty people or so out to a 
superfriendz/jale all ages show for 4 dollars, it's probably an 
indication of something - especially if there are like 100 kids at a 
bonerz show next door.

grown ups don't want to go to all ages shows 'coz they can't drink, kids 
don't want to go see grown up bands 'coz they have no connection to 
them.  plumtree and thrush hermit were the last indie rock bands with any 
all-ages crossover appeal in hfx because they were young people who were 
popular with other young eople, but now skate rock and drunkpunk are so 
big that the junior high kids are only interested in that, so they have 
no real interest in being the next dinosaur or lemonheads (which is what 
was cool when i was in high school oh those many years ago).

> When's a good night at Cafe Ole?

any night you want to feel out of place.

> Does St. Pat's ever have gigs anymore?  Those Envirogigs years back 
> were some of my fondest memories of alternarock in Haligon.

to the best of my knowledge, no.