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preppy relatives + chris murphy +

a *very* special gig is taking place on
saturday, feb 3, starting at 9pm at
bob&lori's food emporium, 2202 gottingen.

for one thing, it's a cassette release
for _yoga community_ by PREPPY RELATIVES.
this relatives show will likely be another
solo show by gordon isnor.  

he's also enlisted a few friends to play.

CHRIS MURPHY is going to play solo.  he's
not doing any sloan songs, as far as i
know.  i think this is the first time he's
even done a solo show.

JOEL PLASKETT will probably not be doing
thrush hermit songs.  and i think this is
his solo debut as well.

finally, there's this guy, MATT GRIMSON,
who i am told is this sort of eccentric
genius songwriter who lives in the country,
and who is spoken of in hushed tones by
various local music types, including chris
murphy who apparently has recorded a record
with him (chris on bass) that is coming out 
on murder (???).  i guess this is matt's
halifax debut.

$4 admission and well worth it.  afterwards
we can migrate to birdland and check out
sanisoft opening for the gandharvas...


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