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No underage indie rawk?

Well i don't know what the case is on the east coast but here in Ontario
there are so many underage indie rock bands its not funny (what does
that mean anyways? would there ever be an exact number like if i said
"you know there are exactly 4 underage indie rock bands here" and anyone
listening would burst out laughing?) Anyways...

Even in my school in BRAMPTON (happy little suburb of toronto) there so
many bands in my school its like, everyone's in one. Heres some names if
you ever happen to see them they are mostly underage indie rock but some
are on the verge of 19+ i think

Drowning Jones
Novacain (but our drummer is gonna be 19 soon i think)
Cadmus (WELL underage the oldest any of them is is 16 i think. maybe 17)
Sheen (havne't seen them live but they're all in grade 10)
Frayed (I think they'd go over so well on the east coast. really poppy)
Johnny Lightning (WICKED AMAZING guy. they've got some songs that are
                  just done as a power trio (guitar, bass, drums) but
                  more of their song have bongos, trupets, saxophone,
                  xylophone... if only they'd record a demo)

uh well i don't know if that sounds like a lot but it sounds better than
a million bad punk bands ;) i know there must be others... and there are
some i know of that i haven't mentionned just cuz i don't like them very
much :)