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Plumtree & our soap opera

Aye then!!


Plumtree should be leaving for Quebec-Ontario tour around the Feb 16.
Unfortunatly i have an exam the feb 20. Yes Dal and Smu (halifax 
Universities) don't have their spring break at the same time. So they 
gave me the boot! BONG! IYIYIY my but is sour.
don't worry evrerything is fine, no snif je pleure thing this time. :)
Katrina will go on tour with them. I saw her backstage the other day 
and she's pretty cool. There is good probability(sp?) that she'll 
become a permanent member of Plumtree.  
They gonna practice alot for this tour. It should be awesome. Check 
them out when they come to your town! 

RE : Our Soap Opera

I too was being an asshole. That was an exemple of good arrogance 
shit trowing. Ironie, sweet Ironie. 
to Deryl : Take it with a grain of salt. btw, my facts are damn 
straight. You don't seem to understand that you have used all your 
credits. One false move and me or somebody else will get on your case.
We are still in January. Sorry, that's the way it is. You did it to 

A nice day to everyone,