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Re: Heavy Metal!

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, DAVID POUND wrote:

> Everyone got there leather ready for Voivod tmorrow? I remember when these guys
> had Soundgarden and Faith No More opening for them (now I feel old). Now they
> are playing the birdland, man they came a long way since then. :-)
> Should be the heaviest show the birdland has ever seen and I better see faster
> drumming then the sunday night scarce show or I'm comin after Mike. :-)

well, i suppose i can use this as an opportunity to review eric's trip's 
moncton show opening for none other than the above mentioned metal dudes, 
eric's trip played the entire "purple blue" album except for the 
"introduction" stuff....in a different order mind you, but it was great, 
considering i've missed 3 chances to see them in the past 3 months. it 
was weird to see all these long-haired heavy metal guys standing around 
watching them too;) despite yells from some doughead in the back for them 
to play "blinded", they stuck only to the new album, which translates 
very well live....and i'm sure mark was in seventh heaven playing the 
drummer from voivod's set!
then there was voivod...who i'll honestly say i'm not familiar with, who 
were good, considering we couldn't stay for their set, and we had to 
drive back to halifax. very heavy. very metal. stuff that i like better 
live than anywhere else, and very tight for a three piece metal band!
it was neat to see mark *right* up front bangin' away with the rest of 
them, and air drumming, and bangin' his fist in the air. lots of people 
jumping around...throwing people, even failed attempts at surfing. 
i'm definately there tomorrow at birdland!

ps-(non east coast) also heard from p.j. from the monoxides that kiss are 
possibly reuniting (peter, paul, ace and gene) for a two month world 
tour, full make-up, and playing nothing post '78! dig out the old kiss 
belt-buckles and the make-up;) woo hoo!