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Re: bubblegun records

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, Neal Maher wrote:

> About the bubblegun compilation CD (Blow hard and pop)....
> Where can I find it?  I've looked for it around here but I can't seen to
> find it anywhere.  Should I look harder or can I mail order?   And if I can
> mail order, could someone kindly send me an address?  Thanks.
> neal
It should be available through squirtgun records if it isn't already sold 
out for 12 ppd. Their address is

                       Squirtgun Records
                       P.O. Box #51053
                       25 Peel Centre Drive, Unit 111
                       Bramalea, Ontario
                       L6T 5M2, Canada

                phone: 905-840-5358